Plaza Vigil History

Plaza Vigil opened in 1996 to give low-income, Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs a place to start their retail business and become successful before venturing out into the community. Plaza Vigil has 14 spaces available to business entrepreneurs. Individuals who wish to start a retail business go through the application and training process for starting their business in Plaza Vigil. Once approved, the new business owner begins operating in Plaza Vigil at a reduced rent rate, with free access to all El Pájaro CDC’s business services. The Plaza Vigil Incubator Program has been a boon to the downtown retail business in Watsonville. Located on the corner of East Beach, Plaza Vigil is the perfect place for a retail business to obtain a successful start in the community.

  • 15,000 square foot Commercial Business Space Created
  • Economic Opportunities to low-income, Spanish-speaking community
  • Job Creation and Retention
  • Construction Jobs Created
  • Incubator Businesses Started and Supported
  • Community Ownership/ Community Gathering Place
  • Unique Architectural Character Preserved